Glass Height Turnstile


Glass Height Turnstiles provide access and access control in areas requiring high levels of security where also design and aesthetics are at the forefront. Glass Height Turnstiles have more elegant appearance compared to full height turnstiles and they are also convenient to be used where brute force may be available.

They have proven their ability to handle intensive usage and massive crowds in places like subways, trade centers, private offices, stadiums, prisons, governmental and industrial buildings or Military Base.


It has outer design structure with generally smoothened edge corners. All the other parts in turnstile are coated against corrosion and provide electrical and mechanical security. Turnstile passage barrier is enabled by controlled rotating arms with 120° range. Our full height?? turnstile models which are tested as suitable for extreme air conditions, are protected against Vandalism thanks to their specifically produced mechanism. Optionally, Passage Tracking Sensors, Card Reader, Manual Control Box, Top Panel Led Light, Top Panel Spot Light can be added. Also, with optionally added mounting platform, ease of modular installation, easy access with front and rear ramp system, and easy transportation to any requested place with forklift unit are enabled.  With Barbed Wire and Razor Wire options, they provide a higher security level. Depending on project details, such special cabin productions as Token Cabinet and Access Control Card System Applications are made.  

There are Stainless, Painted, Painted Body Rotor – Arms Stainless options.